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3 Ways I Made Money in 2013

8 Steps To Making More Money in 2013!
By: Dave Dee on: January 3rd, 2013 2 Comments
The end of the year & beginning of a new one tends to make one reflect on the year’s successes & failures…

What were your top achievements?

What was your biggest failure?

What had the biggest impact?

And so on…

Instead of focusing on generic achievements, I thought it’d be pleasant to put a little twist on this year’s achievements by relating them specifically to your marketing successes & failures.

So here’s how to review your 2012 marketing & 8 effortless steps to making more money in 2013:

1) Map out how you did sales-wise throughout the year. Write down your total sales per month for the entire year. Which were your biggest months? Why? For instance, did you hold an event or launch a product that created a spike in sales? This will donate you clues of things you might want to be sure & repeat next year.

2) Which were your three most significant marketing initiatives for the year? Why were they important? At GKIC, one of our most significant initiatives is membership because without members, we have no one to attend our events, buy our products, etc.

3) What were your top three marketing campaign results of 2012? Maybe you launched a product that generated twenty percent of your income this year or added a lead generation funnel that has created a new source of qualified leads.

4) What was your biggest marketing failure this year? What did you learn from it? Marketing is never successful 100% of the time, however when you test things, you can learn to be more successful the next time. Think approximately your marketing failures & what the biggest lesson was that you learned last year so next year you can do better.

5) What are three marketing techniques or strategies you used that had the biggest impact on your bottom line? Did you incorporate direct mail? Or add one of the 12 Business Building Strategies or Magnetic Marketing famous 3-step sales letter system? Write down what the strategies were & how they impacted your business.

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Daily Niches Idea #13 | Summer Vacation

You can make a fortune on this Daily Niche Idea by helping people plan a vacation when they have to live on a budget. Simply guide them through the vacation planning process. Offer them a guide which will aid them in discovering a vacation they can afford & will enjoy. Show them how to plan the vacation & how to find ways to defray the costs. Outline vacation tips & material that not only focus on singles yet can moreover be readily applied to couples & families. Below is an example of a summer vacation travel tips you can use as a guide:

How to Find Summer Vacation Deals & Discounts

Are you ready to start planning your summer vacation? Unfortunately, the poor economy has left many Americans in a financial pinch. If you are one of those individuals impacted, you may consider foregoing your annual summer vacation. Luckily, you don’t have to. Many travel deals & discounts are available to assist you save money. How can you find these deals?

By examining online travel websites. Online travel websites are well-advertised on television. & are just two of your many options. What is nice approximately these websites is that it makes comparing easy. Enter your destination, the number of people traveling, your dates, & what you need, like a hotel or car rental. In just a few minutes, you will have many arrangements to compare. What is the cheapest?

By comparing online travel websites. As previously stated, there are many online travel websites to select from. You would think their rates are similar, yet you may be surprised with the difference. This is due to different fees. If you want to buy a travel package that includes airline tickets, a hotel, & a car rental through a travel website, request free quotes from different websites. See which one offers you the better deal. Why pay more with when has a cheaper package available, & visa versa?

By booking your reservations independently. The best deals on travel websites are usually offered in the form of vacation packages. What if you don’t need a travel package? Are you staying with friends & family? If so, you won’t need a hotel & you might not need a car rental. That leaves just your airline tickets. It is usually cheaper to book single reservations directly from the source. If you need to book a flight on Southwest Airlines, you are likely to find cheaper rates right on their website.

Check in your hotel lobby for brochures. It is usual for local businesses to place fliers & brochures in hotel lobbies. Not only do they include information approximately the establishment, yet many moreover have moneysaving coupons. Use these coupons to reduce the cost of your summer vacation. Don’t pay full price unless you need to.

Look for coupons online for restaurants. When most of us think of food coupons, we automatically think of the grocery store. Food coupons moreover exist in the form of restaurant coupons. In addition to appearing in hotel lobbies, many restaurants post printable coupons on their websites. You don’t have to plan each of your meal ahead of time, yet use the internet to research nearby restaurants. View online menus to obtain a taste of the food available, as well as prices. In addition to printable restaurant coupons, look for satisfactory daily specials. Opt for the best tasting meals for the lowest prices.

Finally, don’t forget approximately free activities & attractions. If you are vacationing on a budget, it is significant to cut corners & expenses wherever possible. When sightseeing, you should mix it up between attractions with admission fees & those without. Once again, use the internet to do the research. If you wait until the last minute, ask the clerk at your hotel lobby. He or she may know of a local park where it is free to have a romantic picnic or a family friendly barbeque

Daily Niches Idea #12 | Mountain Biking Rebel

Mountain biking is a tremendous way to explore the outdoors, stay in shape, or just have fun. Racing down the side
of a mountain is a lot of pleasant indeed, although it can moreover be quite dangerous. Even though it’s dangerous,
if you ride with caution, it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Daily Niches Idea #11 | Hiring Virtual Workers

Outsource Mastery Video Series T hose who are considering outsourcing portions of work for the first time may be feeling overwhelmed & hesitant approximately the concept of relying on someone outside the company to complete work related tasks. The discomfort with deciding whether or not to outsource work stems largely from ignorance approximately the process of outsourcing.

This is how this daily niches idea can make you a fortune. You simple provide guide to those who are considering outsourcing for the first time & will provide information on how to select qualified candidates, establish project requirements & enforce a deadline for project completion.

Outsourcing is a term which has received a tremendous deal of attention lately. Despite the increasing trend in companies relying on outsourcing there are still some who do not clearly understand what is meant by the term outsourcing. This article will examine some of the key elements of outsourcing to assist the reader develop a better understanding of the concept of outsourcing.

= = = = = = = = Side Note = = = = = = =

I’ve used Niche PLR products to make a fortune on the Internet without a ton of work. One such example of a tremendous PLR product is “Outsource Synergy”. This Internet Marketing MRR package comes with 3 videos (The Power of Leverage, Assessing Costs & Benefits, The Outsourcing Life Cycle), transcripts, audios, graphics & resale page ready to make you sales immediately. Click here for details

= = = = = = = End of Side Note = = = = = =

Outsourcing Defined

What is outsourcing? This is the most basic question many have approximately the subject of outsourcing. They are not yet interested in more complex aspects of the issue because they have not yet grasped the most basic understanding of the process. In the simplest language outsourcing is when a company delegates the completion of certain tasks to an individual not employed by the company directly. This individual may be an independent contractor or an employee of another company who is subcontracted to complete these tasks. In exchange for the individual’s services, he or his company receives monetary compensation.

Daily Niches Idea #9 iPhone

It’s complex to imagine that there was ever a time when people didn’t have cell phones. Can you imagine your life without yours?

Now, almost everyone has one & they’ve certainly come a long way. With newer models you can do more than just make calls. You can browse the internet, use it as a camera or video camera, even download & play music & send emails.

In other words, there isn’t much that the modern cell phone can’t handle especially when you consider the capabilities of the iPhone, Apple’s answer to the cell phone.


The iPhone is a mobile device that serves as a cell phone, iPod, & can perform internet functions such as email & browsing the web. And that short description doesn’t even touch the surface approximately what it can do.

Apple started creating buzz approximately the product in January of 2007. It was finally released in June 2007 & was an instant hit. Time Magazine gave it their prestigious “Invention of the Year” award.

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Daily Niche Ideas #8 Cosmetic Surgery

More people than ever are considering the benefits & the end results of plastic surgery. With the advancements in surgery & in the way the body can be shaped, it’s complex not to resist the lure of the knife & what it can do for your body.

While 92% of all cosmetic surgery patients are women, men are becoming patients more often as well. Your appearance matters in the business world as well as in your personal life, so why not take steps to secure your looks for as long as you can?

But cosmetic surgery is not as simple as it sounds; neither is the decision whether or not to have it in the first place. In order to ensure you’re making the best decision for yourself & for your body, you need to consider these medical procedures with a tremendous deal of care.

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Daily Niches Ideas #7 | Portrait Photography

Our daily niches idea today is on Portrait Photography. Learning the skill of portrait photography can be very rewarding for you as a person & perhaps even profitable for you as a business owner.

If you’re planning to step into the world of portrait photography you really do need to know the absolute basics to assist you obtain started, & this guide will assist you go through all the steps to taking that perfect picture!

People love to take portraits. A portrait is a captured likeness of the subject, in this case a person, especially their face. Portrait photography however has deeper a connotation than that, being understood as a superior quality image, capturing the individual’s physical likeness, their character on a digital or film camera’s sensor. It is moreover understood that portrait photography produces pleasing & attractive results to the person being the subject.

Long before digital cameras have come to existence, people have been fascinated by portraits mainly because it captures the essence of a person. Portrait photography has the power of capturing one’s image & depicting that person’s character, at the same time imprinting such images for all to remember. However, people do not realize that ever since cameras have been developed & made available to everyone, they have been secretly becoming a threat to the techniques that professional photographers have studied for years. Learn approximately portrait photography & you’ll see how astonishing this hobby can be!

It doesn’t take a genius to take astonishing pictures really. All you need is a little practice, some basic portrait photography practices & these helpful tips to take the greatest photos to die for!



Daily Niches #2

Building up this daily niches idea from public domain material is a breeze. Everyone is in a hoo-ha approximately public domain content & how it’s an effortless way to create your own daily niche products, & I couldn’t agree more. I’ve sold more then my fair share of public domain material, yet I hardly sell it in ebook form anymore.


Well why would I?

I love ebooks, more then any other way to make money online. Niche Ebooks are great, yet sometimes it’s a satisfactory niche idea to buck the trends.

Everyone is using public domain content & turning it into digital content, yet what I’ve been doing is using various public domain texts & turning them into massive physical products. There is no exception to turning daily niche ideas into digital or physical products.

The next daily niches idea project you may want to consider creating into a physical product format may be Chess product from text you can easily find at There are 3 or 4 texts in the public domain that are massive in size & as an avid Chess player, I found fascinating, so I was going to create a massive bounded physical product out of these texts.

This isn’t complex to do & there are many ways to go approximately this daily niches idea.

You could on the basic scale just print off the public domain texts & put them into a 3 ring binder, you could create an AUDIO CD set with the text or you could create a tutorial DVD using the example chess moves they donate you in the text.

A DVD would go down real well & you could sell it for huge bucks.

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